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As NEOMACHI, we are trying to figure out the best way to reach out to the community and customers that would be interested in our clothing. Currently we are doing so by lowering our t-shirt prices below the profit-threshold, so that we can first get community to support our endeavor before turning a profit. For this reason, we’re having a sale with significantly reduced T-shirts prices. 

If you’re wondering why the hoodie prices are so high, that’s because we didn’t want to use the low quality hoodies that enable to have high margins. We weren’t happy with the sample quality, so we decided only to offer the highest quality to our customers. Even if this may lead to less sales, as integrity is everything. 

Do you have any other inputs on what we can do to reach our customer base? Do you know how else to establish a feedback loop with cyberpunkers/ Japanese clothes enthusiasts? I am thinking maybe of trying Reddit? All ideas would be more than welcome! 

Furthermore, if you guys follow us or gave us the occasional like here, that’d be super helpful!

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