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Article: We're officially carbon neutral!

We're officially carbon neutral!

We're officially carbon neutral!

Our first carbon offset - also retroactively!
So, following up on our Mission, where we named Sustainability as one of our key values, we are now taking another step in the right direction by offsetting carbon emissions. We have through projects on the, established in 2003 by the WWF and other NGOs, offset roughly 6 tonnes of CO2 which corresponds to the carbon footprint from the clothes we've sold thus far. And this is all thanks to you, our amazing customers, for allowing us to make this happen!
Watch out for the traps!
First, we wanted to add a function to the check-out where the customer can simply choose to pay a bit extra to get a carbon neutral delivery. However, we realised after thorough research that many of these "add-ons" are dodgy at best (some even pure scams), and the few ones that actually do good didn't really offer the smooth functionality that we wanted. And I'm not a programmer. So I figured I'd have to take the matter into my own hands.
Making sure that the money goes to the right places
So, to make sure that projects aren't pure scams, luckily there's a certification by the "Gold Standard" which you can find here.
That way we can feel comfortable that the money is actually going to the purpose, which is to make reductions in carbon emissions around the world. We chose to spread it out over various projects (it's hard to only choose one!!):

The even cooler part - we're still growing, so expect the carbon reduction investments to grow nicely
We're a young company, not even a year old. But the response from you customers has been amazing! If the current trend holds, January could be a doubling in turnover vs. December. So, a month from now when we do this again, the number will hopefully be even bigger. In terms of calculating how much we need to offset, we've seen estimates ranging from 2-5kg CO2 for a t-shirt, with another 2kg from the lifetime use (such as washing it etc). We choose to use the more conservative estimate (5kg) and hopefully error on the overcompensating side, since there's also the possibility that the numbers are overstated. We're not pretending to be perfect, and there's still A LOT that we can improve on. But to us, it's important that the trend is in the right direction. And we believe that this is a sensible business decision as well. We're tired of the big corpo's who don't care enough, aren't we? :)
So to conclude, a growing Neomachi should mean something positive for the planet! And a better world for all of us. And this, my dear customers, couldn't be possible without you. We'd be nothing without you and I'd be back at my corpo job. So THANK YOU for enabling this. You're breathtaking.

Stay frosty,

PS. Wow you look really good in your Neomachi gear. Kudos.

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