We now sell Bomber Jackets!! Get aaaalll the attention on the terraces 😎

Hi all!

I hope life's been treating you well (under the current circumstances) :). For you UK peeps, I'm so jealous that you get to enjoy a nice pint on a terrace again - but you deserve it, so make the most of it! So we've got cool news - we're selling bomber jackets now! I went to see some friends last Friday and wore a sample bomber. They were so hyped about the bomber that after taking it off, three of them were trying it on and taking pics with it. One person couldn't even wait until it was available on the website, so I sold the jacket that I wore then and there haha. The bike ride home without my jacket was less pleasant. But hey,

Luckily, I don't have to provide people with my own clothes any longer, because they're online and available for everybody now, hoorayyy! It's a nice thin jacket which is perfectly suited for the upcoming spring and summer months. To celebrate this joyous event, we've got a new design that's currently only available on our bombers. And it's got all you need: geisha, samurai mask, swords, sun, kanji and a torii - everything in one design, crazy amirite?

Moreover, I want to let you guys know that we've reached a new monthly record in our climate compensation efforts: 15 tonnes! Which makes the total accumulated CO2 that we've offset a total of 43 tonnes! For reference - the CO2 footprint of a person in a rich country like the Netherlands, is around 10 tonnes per year, whereas the footprint of a poor country is around 0.1 tonnes per year. Thank you awesome people! Let's keep this awesome trend going and let's keep setting records!


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I was searching for a bomber jacket since forever so I’m absolutely hyped right now but do you plan on making a jacket with the Yakuza onna design ? It’s my favorite one and I absolutely need it.

Peace and keep on growing

Fabian May 18, 2022

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