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Article: What citizens say about us

What citizens say about us

What citizens say about us

Of course, we could pitch how awesome Neomachi and its apparel is, but of course it’s a lot more meaningful when it comes from our locals instead.

Sammlerherz: “As the world gets more and more technically sophisticated and often feels just like a dystopia, Neomachi always delivers me the feeling to be part of a cyberpunk influenced society by providing me with the adequate high quality apparel.“

influencer cyberpunk hoodie
mecha futuristic tshirt

VRBODYS: As soon as I saw Neomachi I fell in love. I love how their unique pieces are colourful and really catch your eye. I have had so many people ask me where I got my Tee.

Comictoyhuntergermany: "For me as a cyberpunk and Neo-Tokyo fan, Neomachi is the perfect brand. The artworks are fantastic and the quality is very good."

futuristic japanese style
geisha tshirt design

Cat.lavie: “I love Neomachi clothes a lot! High quality and a good price 🙏🏽 What I like the most is that the style stands out from others and has a huge recognition value.”🥰 “There’s plenty of clothing on the market right now, often simple designs on mass produced “off the shelf” garments, but the designs and quality of Neomachi is incredible! The material is premium and the designs are unique and of the highest quality, I’ve been really impressed, not only by the design but the friendly service too.”

Japanese gamer hoodie
Japanese inspired t-shirt

Ronyahmononoke: “I have my own style so I’m always looking for clothes that are unique and Neomachi makes designs that really fit the bill. I absolutely love the Japanese inspired art”