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Article: What is Cyberpunk? And how does it translate to what we do?

What is Cyberpunk? And how does it translate to what we do?

What is Cyberpunk? And how does it translate to what we do?

Wikipedia says "Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction in a dystopian futuristic setting that tends to focus on a "combination of low-life and high tech" featuring advanced technological and scientific achievements, such as artificial intelligence and cybernetics, juxtaposed with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order".

If you want a broader explanation, we think this post on Cyberpunk Forums is really good!

At Neomachi, we are definitely influenced by the Japanese subgenre, using Japanese in our clothes - that's why our definition moves between "Cyberpunk influenced clothing" or "Japanese influenced clothing", or even "Japanese Cyberpunk Apparel". You can even throw some "80's retro" in there. At the end of the day, labels are limiting! So let's keep it simple. There are certain colours we love - the fade between blue and purple, some pink - and of course some neon red! Sometimes we'll play around with a bit brighter green or yellow for eye-catching effects. If you look through our collection (or even check our logo), you'll probably see what we mean! Also, visit our Instagram to see some really cool pictures of cyberpunk-feeling locations!

In terms of clothing design, we haven't opted for the all-out futuristic style à la Cyberpunk 2077. We take a slightly more relaxed approach. The aim is rather to have designs that look great and that you can wear everywhere (gala's excluded?), without feeling "over the top". That being said, we've realised it's difficult to design a really cool cyberpunk jacket without adding some unique design angles to it.

However! While many of our designs today are quite abstract, we're looking to add a bit more "artsy" designs in the future that will be more of a statement - and we're super excited about them. Stay tuned..!

-The NEOMACHI team

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