From rough seas to a steady ship

Hi peeps!

How are you all doing? Is the weather crazy in your part of the world as well? Here in Holland, one week we were ice-skating, and the next week we were sunbathing. The upside at least is that The Netherlands might become like the next France, weather wise (if we don’t end up under water). 

As for a little update: like the weather, February was a bit more tumultuous for us as well. We had some front-end issues and some ad problems, which led to less sales and thus unfortunately also less climate compensation. But we’re back on track and are ready to kick ass once again to keep increasing our net climate positive aspirations.  

A lot of our time went into developing new designs – we’ve got 5 designs in the works right now, and already put out two and added a t-shirt version of the SAIBOGU due to popular demand.  We’re also thinking about expanding our portfolio and add joggers with side prints on the legs. Would be awesome to get some feedback on whether you’d be interested in that.

I want to thank you for all your support and your appreciation. We’re getting so much positive feedback and reviews – which really warms my heart and gives me motivation to work even harder to create cool things for you guys. I’m really blessed to have the best target audience ever, so keep on being awesome!



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