The level of detail in this amazing Cybernetic Geisha design keeps you drawn to it. It took quite some time to create. A designer made the beautiful base sketch, but we felt like such a work of art which tells a story deserved to fully come alive, so we teamed up with a fantastic colourist that perfected it, and we couldn't be happier.

The kanji says: "I'm still living", which we found quite deep considering she's an advanced robotic AI who's not only figuratively fighting for her right of existence against the status quo perspective of what humanity, consciousness and life as a whole entails, but also literally as she's seemingly fighting for her life with a gun at hand.

The cherry on top is the whole VHS feel to the design. Each letter and kanji is made up of 4 colours to give it that retro futuristic VHS effect, as well as the thinly lined Retro sun in the background.

We’ve put the design on the following three products, so get them while they're hot!




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