I'm so deep, you can't even see me

VR meme

During a nightly inspired brainstorm session, we came up with this design and its sister design. We wanted to tell a story that can be interpreted both symbolically as well as it being an accurate representation of today's society.

You've got this girl, who'd prefer to ignore everything and put on her VR goggles rather than to face the reality in which she's situated, which is in a burning toxic environment. She shuts her eyes to everything around her and is content being in her own fictional (virtual reality) world instead. The second design is from her VR goggles perspective, where she lives in a fake paradise instead. 

Sounds familiar? And given the craziness in this world, who can blame her...

At Neomachi we try to make it a little bit better by carbon offsetting all of your purchases. We hope to be able to do more as we become bigger, but it's a start.

Let us know what you think!! :D

Neomachi cyberpunk tshirt unisex

The reality of it all is very sad but true. We feel like art also serves a duty of putting a mirror up to ourselves at times, which is why we wanted to depict these pieces. This might be a good way to subtly remind people to stop and reflect?

By the way, for the people who like it double sided, the sweater version has both designs. One side in the front, and the other in the back. 

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