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Awesomely enough, in the spring we got contacted by a company that represents artists and bands, and apparently they were looking for brands that they felt would be a good target audience fit with Imagine Dragons.

A big part of Imagine Dragons' fanbase consists out of gamers, especially since the release of their hit song 'Enemy'. As many of you know - that song was made for the Netflix series Arcane, which is based on League of Legends. Moreover, Imagine Dragons are gamers themselves as well. Due to this, the agency representing them was looking for a company that would align with this, and for that reason they contacted us.

Games and technology are a big part of our inspiration, which is reflected in our designs. Obviously, we jumped on this opportunity which entailed that videos, showing our brand and our products, would be displayed at their German shows just before they'd start performing.

Not only that, but we also received sweepstakes tickets that we gave away to lucky winners to attend their shows. We attended the Berlin show ourselves as well, which was definitely a night to remember. We were invited as 'guests of the artist' and were offered amazing inner circle spots.

imagine dragons tickets

After seeing them live, we realized that there's no other band that we would rather be connected with than them. Especially their latest album is so wholesome, and deals with great life lessons, such as the overcoming of pain and the importance of love. Their songs can be related to by anyone; young and old and from every background.

We are proud to be affiliated with Imagine Dragons and to be sponsors of their 2022 Mercury World Tour!

imagine dragons concert neomachi

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