Manifest power with our RAIJIN 🌩️ Also, don't forget about our 2+1 tee deal

May is new designs month, so hurray to it being May!

For our third design of the month we've got... drum rolls... RAIJIN! The god of lightning, thunder and storms ⚡

raijin cyberpunk design
RAIJIN is usually depicted with standing on a cloud and hitting a drum with a large hammer to create the sound of thunder. His appearance can be best described as a raging storm incarnate. Just like in our design, he usually just has three fingers which stand for the past, present and future. Who wouldn't want to manifest nature's fierceness by wearing such a badass on your chest?

Our RAIJIN design is also available in sweater and hoodie format. And in case you missed it, we've got our summer promo again where if you pick 2 tees, you can add a 3rd for free in your cart 🎉
cyberpunk hoodie raijin

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