We're exploring a new frontier! 👨‍🚀🌐

Every day more information is available, and our coping with this influx of data can either make us or break us as a species. Information can lead to confirmation bias and echo chambers of people who fear change and the unknown. However, it can also lead to unimaginable new experiences and technological advancement.

Now we’re talking about the metaverse, but who knows what life will be like in a few 100 years. After the Singularity, will we have cured all diseases, will we have altered our genome, and will we even be of organic tissue anymore? Will we still be human or will we have transcended our human roots and become our own god species instead: Homo Deus (great book by the way - definitely recommend reading it!).

All in all, we’re on the cusp of exploring the new digital frontier, which gave the inspiration for our newest design. Like astronauts exploring space, we’re explorers of cyber space and the unknown “Matrix” of information, and we best hope we don’t end up falling.

This was quite a “deep” design, that we made even deeper haha. We added a little Easter egg in the design, the binary string of code contains a Japanese haiku. It’s a little challenge for you to find out what it means 😉

The artwork was made by the super talented GuzikArt who makes t-shirts for multiple famous bands, so we're very hyped that we wanted to collab on this awesome design!

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