What's cooler than a normal dragon..? 🤔

Even though we are only halfway through winter, somehow I always feel like the winter is almost over when February comes around. For me that's as good as any reason to celebrate with a new design.
Today we're releasing a frekkin' MECHA DRAGON design, made by the super talented @Tovhidayat that I've been spying on since the start on Neomachi already. 🔥 Never did I expect to collab with him just 1,5 years in, so I'm super excited!! He makes a lot of mecha inspired designs, so I knew that I wanted something around that topic.
mecha dragon cyberpunk dragon design tshirt
I almost didn't dare to ask him to make a mecha dragon, because a dragon itself is already very intricate due to all the scales, let alone a mechanical dragon. Luckily, I'm Dutch and once we've set our minds to something, we're shameless in pursuing said goal. 😅 Luckily, he was like:

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