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Sale price€50.40 Regular price€63.00
Size Chart Hoodies
XS 49 68
S 52 70
M 55.5 72
L 59 74
XL 62.5 76
2XL 77 78
3XL 70 79
4XL 71 80
5XL 76 81

During a late-night inspired brainstorm session, we conceived this design and its counterpart. We aimed to convey a story that holds both symbolic meaning and reflects the reality of our modern society. This design is also available in a T-Shirt and Sweater version.

Meet our protagonist, a girl who chooses to escape from the harsh reality surrounding her by immersing herself in a virtual world through her VR goggles. Instead of confronting the burning toxic environment, she shuts her eyes to everything and finds solace in a fictional paradise created by technology. Can you blame her, given the chaos of the world we live in? This design presents both her perspective and the view from her VR goggles, offering a glimpse into her dual existence.

This hoodie boasts a fitted/slim cyberpunk style. Your regular size should provide a good fit, but if you prefer a more relaxed or comfortable look, we suggest taking one size larger.