Developing a City!


And what better way to start the weekend with than some Cyberpunk art? It’s my dream to make NEOMACHI into a full-blown interactive Retro-futuristic digital city! Imagine a lively community and where you can listen to indie Synth/Darkwave/etc musicians in the nightlife section of town, and where you can digitally “stroll” along in our artists alley with Cyberpunk inspired art on display. Not only would this be beneficial for indie artists and musicians to expand their reach, but it would be really dope for fellow Retro-futuristic lovers like me if a website exists, where all forms of this genre can be enjoyed. Currently, budget, time and bandwidth is holding me back from creating this, but I like setting high bars for myself, so I’m aiming to have a 1.0 version of NEOMACHI (City) live at the end of this year.

What better way to kick off this project than by sharing some cool art already? Two new designers have reached out to me to do a collab. First, a British award-winning tattoo artist with his own shop, 11 years of experience and who specializes in Neotraditional and traditional Japanese irezumi. He’s only making one-off pieces and was gracious enough to make me an absolutely stunning Kitsune mask which I hope to get on an apparel piece in a week or two 😊 His artist name is Kishosumi and you should really check him out here if you’re interested in Japanese art.

Moreover, I’ve worked with Artanastasio who’s a self-taught Italian Cyberpunk/Synthwave artist. He not only makes awesome illustrations, but also makes them come to life with motion videos. The design we’ve is available now with the name MADO 98 which means WINDOW(S)98, which I thought was a fitting name considering the design theme. Check out his Instagram here and give him a little follow if you feel like it!

Have an amazing weekend lovely people, and as always,

Stay Breathtaking!


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