Dear Neomachi citizens,

We hope you've had a lovely Christmas! Did you get that Neomachi present you wished for? ;) If you did - that's awesome, you've got some great loved ones! If you didn't, no worries, we've got some cool new designs for you.

First off, we came to the artist with our idea that we wanted an octopus enveloping a Japanese looking temple. He first made a Cyberpunky version with darker colors, but afterwards he realized that he wanted to draw it more detailed with lighter colors. It’s funny because he just decided himself to redo it fully, even though we loved the design to begin with. But sometimes you just gotta follow your creative hunch!  

octopus tshirt design

octopus temple hoodie skater tshirt girl

skatergirl tshirt

Moreover, we’ve got this super dope design that we found via Instagram. It popped up in our feed and we loved it so much that we contacted the artist @Whatsupdale who makes lots of Neo Funky Japanese inspired pop designs with the question if we could buy it, which awesomely enough, was possible! 

Finally, we already wish you a happy new year, and hope for your continued enthusiasm and awesome support in 2022 ❤️

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