The same awesome designs - but even higher quality levels (over 9000?!)

Sustainability is very high on our priority list and we’ve already achieved a net Climate Positive footprint by offsetting the whole product lifecycle via However, we didn’t want to stop there. For clothing to be truly futuristic, and to be fully worthy of bearing the name NeoMachi - they need to be sustainably and ethically made themselves as well 🌱.

For this reason, we’ve required our new hoodies and t-shirts to be GOTS-certified 🌎. The Global Organic Textile Standard guarantees that GOTS-certified products are truly organic of nature, from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labelling to provide a credible assurance to the end customer.

GOTS organic cotton recycled polyester

We used to have the issue that we needed to have a high percentage of polyester in our hoodies, because our previous supplier could only make such big prints via Sublimation (for which you need polyester to make the print stick to the garment). However, with our new supplier we're not limited by certain print sizes anymore, so use DTG now for our hoodies as well, and thus are able to create prints on premium cotton hoodies now! Moreover, the DTG quality of our products has been improved dramatically! The colours pop even more than before, and the print sturdiness and longevity is beyond comparison 💯.

Besides opting for the best quality, we also chose our new team range of clothes based on their look, feel, and fitting. Both the t-shirt and hoodies are more fitted, are incredibly soft and have more premium finishes - so what is there not to love?

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