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keanu cyberpunk neomachi

I hope that everybody has had a lovely new year so far! Unfortunately, mine could have been better as I've unfortunately contracted COVID, which is why it's been a bit quiet from our side lately. Have you guys still been able to dodge it like Keanu? What could be better than some new designs to lighten the mood?

We're super excited to introduce our new design!! Inspired by the popularity of our AKUMA and KOMAINU designs, we've created or new fox head design. Kitsune is one of our favourite themes, and we love the flame details around the head. Many of you have been asking us when we'd finally release it after showing a glimpse of it on Instagram, and now it's finally available! Hurray!

kitsune cyberpunk neon

Moreover, we wanted to continue on the mythological theme and we think the aesthetic of Asian peacocks designs are gorgeous, let alone when cyberpunk'ed up with beautiful bright colours. I had this ideas in mind already a while, and am super pleased how it turned out! 

peacock cyberpunk

Finally, some of you have already noticed that, by popular demand, we've added a variation of our original print-all-over IREZUMI design in the form of a new bomber, new shorts and new joggers. 

slackpants joggers irezumi tattoo

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