Unique NEOMACHI Wear versus mass produced goods

Last year, I started dropshipping from China, which was quite profitable. However, it left me with a bitter taste in my mouth because I felt like I was cheating people by using Aliexpress sourced products.

For this reason, I really wanted to create unique products, and offer proper custom service so I could feel proud of myself at the end of the day. Especially with creating products in a niche such as cyberpunk or Japanese street wear which I am personally passionate about, ever since falling in love with neon lights of Tokyo.

However, it’s hard setting up something completely new, especially when every street wear brand on Instagram competes against us with those same cheap, high margin Aliexpress clothes.

Luckily, we aren’t in it for quick cash, but for the long run in which we hope to stand out by offering, high quality, great customer service and prints that have been designed and decided not only by us, but also by you. We want to establish a feedback loop with the Japanese/Cyberpunk community in which we can together determine what we would like to wear, and not what is standardly offered in a store.

So far we haven’t seen other clothing brands that are able to fulfill our wishes for designs. We hope that there are others, like us, that want a new type of style. Not just brainless meaningless prints, but T-shirts or hoodies that will make a person think when they see it. Do you know a graphic designer that can help us with this?

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