Do you like Irezumi tattoos as well, but don't want to commit either? Go for something a little less permanent!

Greetings travelers! 

We’re here to give you an update from the buzzling metropolitan area NeoMachi. 

It’s been a bit of a hectic summer; I’ve bought one house and sold another, all within the span of 3.5 weeks, and partly while being on a roadtrip in the middle of nowhere in the north of Sweden. For the record, I do not recommend anýbody to go on vacation when making the biggest financial transaction of your life haha. Mistakes were definitely made 😂, but hey, you live and you learn! 

The NeoMachi buzz did not stop either, we’ve been making a lot of internal improvements, and we’re nearly ready to come out with some really kickass news! But for now, we can tell you that we’ve dropped our first ever all-over design that’s been inspired by Japanese Irezumi. We included traditional themes such as tigers, lotus flowers, dragons, snakes and koi fishes, and added a cyberpunk twist with our signature bright neon colors. 



Not only is it a NeoMachi first, with a print-all-over design, but they’re printed on our first ever joggers and shorts! So don’t wait too long, and make sure you look cool in the pool with our IREZUMI shorts. And if you don’t want to take a swim, with our SURAKKU you will look like a sexy god in the gym.

Stay frosty,


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