We like dogs + we like space = space dog

Hi peeps! How have you all been? I hope the weather in your country than it has been in mine (The Netherlands), where it’s been endless Winter/Fall ☹

On the upside, we’ve got some awesome new designs incoming, of which one is finally completed! What do you think of our new (insert name)? It’s a futuristic twist on the traditional Ōkami which is an entity from Japanese mythology and folklore. Are you ready to reach for the stars like Laika?! Get our new hoodie for starters!

Besides hoodie, it's also available as a t-shirt and bomber 🔥 As you see, the hoodie has arm elements, but also has a little wolfs head on the front. The design process was quite interesting. The artist made an awesome rugged sketch, which was near to perfect right from the get go. After agreeing on the sketch, he "cleaned up" the art piece. However, we realized we loved the rugged look, so then he made a version which was somewhere in the middle and that became the final design. In case you're interested, we've enclosed the sketch and the first version below.

This month, besides creating new designs, we’ve also worked on our fundamentals. Currently, our product purchase price so high that we haven’t been able to make a profit yet. We’ve been talking and creating samples with multiple parties, but they’ve all fallen through due to insufficient product quality on the supplier side. While this is a small setback, we rather accept a few extra months of little to no profit than to provide products that we don’t stand by as a company.

While some doors closed, others however, opened. A big merchandiser contacted us and want to collaborate which would allow us to benefit from the company’s economies of scale. We’re still in talks about the specifics and still need to receive samples, but I’m carefully optimistic. Keep your fingers crossed, and hopefully I can come with some awesome news next time 😊


Cyberpunk Space Wolf sketchCyberpunk Space Wolf Version 1

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