What rhymes with villa, gorilla and crocodilla?

New design time! 🖌️ Who knows what kind of creature our newest design depicts? Due to the big film studio overlords, we won't say his Western name, but we can give you a hint; it rhymes with villa, gorilla and crocodilla. We're super hyped about the refreshing twist of our beloved, well-known monster in it's new neon jacket.

gojira sweater

Moreover, a fun little update, yesterday we've carbon offset another 31 tonnes which makes the total 134 tonnes that we've removed from the atmosphere since being founded in 2020. Being able to do this, is one of my favorite things of the job, which is only possible because of you guys 💜 Thank you so much for supporting us! In case you guys are interested, below you can find the projects that we've contributed to.

carbon offset
Carbon offsetting

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