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If you've purchased something at NEOMACHI, it would be amazing if you could write a review about us, our service or clothing here:

For a small company like ours, reviews are really helpful. 


I have purchased plenty of your t-shirts and sweaters. Love the designs and the idea of the virtual space I read about is a really cool idea. I would really like to get my hands on the caps. Do you know when they will be back in stock? Thanks.

Jack March 14, 2021

Ordered some T-shirts and a hoodie and I am very happy with them, Great quality. Colours of the print are as vivid as on the pictures on the website. The fabrics of both the T-shirts and the hoodie are of high quality and will survive many washings in my washing machine without a problem. The handling of the order was good as well; I received a tracking code and the order was neatly packed. I highly recommend NeoMachi clothing. :-)

Juud March 14, 2021

I made some recent purchase on the site, the t-shirt are amazing, I will make some other command.
And I would like to stay in touch for some partenariat !

I’m a little french streamer and that’d be great if we could be partener.

Much love !

Théo Beugnet March 14, 2021

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