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Sale price$70.00
Size Chart Hoodies
XS 49 68
S 52 70
M 55.5 72
L 59 74
XL 62.5 76
2XL 77 78
3XL 70 79
4XL 71 80
5XL 76 81
RAIJIN is the god of lightning, thunder and storms and is usually depicted with standing on a cloud and hitting a drum with a large hammer to create the sound of thunder. His appearance can be best described as a raging storm incarnate. Just like in our design, he usually just has three fingers which stand for the past, present and future. Who wouldn't want to manifest nature's fierceness by wearing such a badass on your chest? This design is also available in a t-shirt and sweater version.

This warm fleece-lined hoodie has quite a fitted/slim cyberpunk style. Your regular size will most likely fit, but if you want to go for a more baggy, relaxed, or comfortable look, we suggest taking one size larger.


Raijin: Hoodie - Black - Back - cyberpunk Hoodie - Neomachi
RAIJIN: HOODIE Sale price$70.00