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Loyalty program apparel, epic and legendary loot

Exclusive items that with +stats that are over 9000!

As a Neomachi VIP (Councilors and Mayors), you'll have early access to all our new designs, and exclusive access to certain premium designs and articles. As part of our loyalty program, you'll receive the discount which makes the exclusive t-shirts the usual €26.95 and the hoodies €69.95 instead.

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SAMURAITAIGĀ: T-SHIRT - Black - Front - cyberpunk t-shirt - Neomachi
SAMURAITAIGĀ: T-SHIRT Sale priceFrom $31.00
SENTŌ: JOGGERS - Black- Front - cyberpunk Joggers - Neomachi
SENTŌ: JOGGERS Sale priceFrom $75.00
Kasa Joggers - cyberpunk Joggers - Neomachi
KASA: JOGGERS Sale priceFrom $75.00
TIGERU: BOMBER - Black - Front - cyberpunk Bomber - Neomachi
TIGERU: BOMBER Sale price$94.00
MECHA-1: JOGGERS Sale priceFrom $75.00
Kabuki Shorts - Black - Front - cyberpunk  Shorts - Neomachi
KABUKI: SHORTS Sale priceFrom $54.00
TIGERU: JOGGERS  - Black- Front - cyberpunk Joggers - Neomachi
TIGERU: JOGGERS Sale priceFrom $75.00
TIGERU: BAG - cyberpunk Bag - Neomachi
TIGERU: BAG Sale price$39.00
MECHA-2: JOGGERS Sale priceFrom $75.00
TIGERU: DUFFLE BAG - cyberpunk Bag - Neomachi
TIGERU: DUFFLE BAG Sale price$105.00