WEATHER UPDATE: expect some Powder this week! 🌨️ Or did we Jinx it now?!

Did you also like Arcane? I never played League of Legends myself but I’m really enjoying the series! Especially, loving the artistic drawing style, and the combination of steampunk and magic in the show. 

It inspired me to make a design with similar vibes, which lead to our new addition to our Neomachi collection. We already have a cyberpunk cybernetic heart, so I thought it’d be cool to make a steampunk version of the inner working of a person’s torso. 
If you know any Arcane/League of Legends fans, hereby a great gift tip! Pssst, if you think they might like another design better, you can also get our gift card 😉 

Joki t-shirt - black - cyperbunk - steampunk

Moreover, we’ve added a Cyber Hannya design as well, in somewhat the same color scheme. We wanted to expand on our usual colour usage 😊 We think the contrast between the robotic Hannya and the biological snake is really dope. What do you think? 



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