I sense that good things will come your way

Greetings Neomachi citizens, 

We have some new designs for you today, hurray! 🎉 

First of, we have a recoloring of an existing design, because we felt it could use some more pop! We especially love the circuit board details on her dress 😍 Which one do you like more, the existing or the new version? Second, the GEISHAMURAI design is available in T-shirt version now as well, get it while it’s hot!

Also, we put a lucky charm on a Tee, so you’ll be prosperous anywhere you go with our new MANEKI-NEKO. According to Japanese mythology, lucky cats not only bring you good luck and fortune, but also ward off evil, support good health, and even brings romance to your life ;) It sounds like we could all use some more lucky cats in our life, doesn’t it? 




Finally, we did our first Influencer apparel collab ever with the beautiful VRBODY’S, who’s turned into a hot Cyberpunk android here. If you aren’t following her yet, you definitely should as she makes super dope gaming content on Instagram


A little update on our carbon offset activities; you did it you crazy people, you actually did it! We offset a record 17 tonnes of CO2 through goldstandard.org, taking the total to 59 tonnes since we started this crazy but awesome journey. One of the things I'm most proud about is the amazing community that's growing around Neomachi. Whether you're a customer supporting us, an influencer spreading the word or just someone curious waiting for the right moment to buy, this is for you.

Thank you everyone 😁 wear it with pride!! And let's set another record for May!! 💪🏼 

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