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Article: The Old and the New

The Old and the New

The Old and the New

Greetings fellow Neomachi citizens,

Since we’ve reinvented ourselves and our processes, we only thought it would be fitting to give our logo a little update as well! 

Our main requirements were 1) a city skyline, because Neomachi is a city 2) a retro sun behind it. Funnily enough, getting this right was waaay harder than we anticipated. We’ve worked on a new logo for literally half a year haha. More than 15, different versions later, we finally got something that typifies us, and does our brand justice 🎉🥳

To celebrate this, by popular demand, we’ve finally created the black version of our Cyborg Girl design. Many of you have been asking this for many months, so we thought now would be a fitting time; the new meets the old. 

Go out and represent Neomachi in your area with our new releases 🦾