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Sale price€50.40 Regular price€63.00
Size Chart Hoodies
XS 49 68
S 52 70
M 55.5 72
L 59 74
XL 62.5 76
2XL 77 78
3XL 70 79
4XL 71 80
5XL 76 81

Get ready to feel the power of the wind with our breathtaking FUIJIN hoodie! 💨 Step into the realm of Japanese mythology as we introduce Fujin, the mighty god of wind. With his fearsome presence and his ability to control the world's winds, he's a force to be reckoned with. Embrace the awe-inspiring power of nature and make a statement with this design. Don't forget, it's also available in a mesmerizing T-shirt version and a cozy sweater option. Let the winds of style carry you away!

This warm fleece-lined hoodie showcases a fitted/slim cyberpunk style that will elevate your fashion game. While your regular size is likely to fit, for a more relaxed and comfortable look, we recommend considering one size larger. Embrace the perfect blend of comfort and style and unleash your inner wind god!