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This tee has quite a fitted/slim cyberpunk style. Your regular size will most likely fit, but if you want to go for a more baggy, relaxed, or comfortable look, we suggest taking one size larger.

An equilibrium of the mechanical and the organic is beautifully represented in our ONYMO design. The left fish symbolizes the artificial, while the right fish embodies the biological, and together they achieve a perfect symbiosis. Look closely and you'll notice their alignment forms a Yin Yang shape, showcasing the balance between contrasting elements. In this design, we challenge the notion that the future always needs to look grim. Embrace the harmonious fusion of nature and technology with this captivating artwork. And guess what? This design is also available in a hoodie version!

Size Chart Boxer Shorts
  WAIST (cm)
S 68
M 73
L 78
XL 84
2XL 90
3XL 96
4XL 102
5XL 108