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As NEOMACHI, we personally love Japanese traditional Ukiyo prints, and its our ultimate goal to combine a futuristic cyberpunk style with traditional Japanese prints. We also aim to make cyberpunky clothes wearable everyday, by anyone. There’s a delicate balance between making cool apparel and, in our eyes, a bit too nerdy clothing with, for example, anime on it.

We are still trying to find the ultimate designer that can help us fulfill our dream. Things we have in mind so far are prints with things such as:
- a traditional Japanese geisha, opening her kimono and showing her robot, cyberpunk body under it
- A geisha walking through dystopian ruins
- a normal samurai looking into his reflection and seeing a robot
- A samurai with a light saber
Are those things you think are cool too? Or do you have any other print ideas that you’d like to see on clothing?


Hi Rosalie,

I really love your designs! I’m now waiting eagerly for my Oni hoodie (bought for my niece Oni :-) )
I have a suggestion for a design (I’m not a desiger though), wouldn’t i be cool to have a design representing Minamoto no Raikō who fought the mythical oni Shuten-dōji? So, for instance the samurai Raiko seeing the reflection (on his sword?) of Oni behind him.

Kind regards,

Guido Lopes May 18, 2022

Cyberpunk style Ramen-bowl.
Traditional Japanese blossom tree
bonsai Tree

This just came into my mind :)

Ferry May 18, 2022

So even if you think that anime design input is to nerdy to your cyberpunk design ideas, I really would like you to understand that amazing oldschool anime called bubblegum crisis was one of the big cyberpunk visions! :)
In Retro cyberpunk there was also Billy Idol who played with this elements in his music.
At least there is fantastic Blade Runner original movie who brings cyberpunk to big blockbuster.

I would be very happy if you work which such spirits for future design elements of your collections! :)

Kind regards


Mo_hawk666 May 18, 2022

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