Mi KASA es su KASA

WE ARE BACK! Yeah, that’s right, your favourite brand is back! In the words of Daft Punk, we are: “harder, better, faster, stronger!”  

The last months were quite a rollercoaster; whether you work at a small company or a big one, procedural changes such as changing a supplier will always have a big impact. But it was well worth the wait and the effort, as our sustainable cotton hoodies and t-shirts are better than ever!

Our designing, however, hasn’t stopped still throughout it all. We’ve got some great new stuff for you that we’ll be announcing over the next couple of weeks. 

Sooo, we are proud to announce that behind door 1 you’ll find our great new Matrix inspired design called KASA/SASHIKOMU. We’re absolutely hyped about the matching cables along the sleeves. 

Go check it out!

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