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Article: House of the Dragon (tattoo)

House of the Dragon (tattoo)

House of the Dragon (tattoo)

House of the dragon meme

This hot summer is just not ending, with another fiery design being released. Once again, perfectly, and totally coincidentally in theme with current events, hereby our newest beauty: RYUTATU 🔥

If you get tattoo, might as well get a tattoo of the coolest creature ever. Better yet, why not a neon coloured one that you can instead wear as a t-shirt, with a girl, with a dragon tattoo. We love the playful colours on this one! Also, where have we seen that maze before? Oh well, it doesn't look like anything to me..

Chicken and egg situation

Did you manage to watch House of the Dragon yet? We'd definitely recommend it. It's like Succession, but then with dragons! Do we need to say more really?