It's a chicken-and-egg situation! 🐣

Chicken and egg situation

It's getting hot in here with our new HINOTORI phoenix design! Perfect in theme for this summer's European heatwave - maybe you even feel like a phoenix? 🔥 The design is inspired by our some of our bestsellers like AKUMA, KOMAINU and ZENKO.

Besides making look just hot in general, because you know, it's a flaming bird, HINOTORI will give you a bit of a divine and royal edge as well. The phoenix is honored as the god of peace and great luck in Japan. Who can't use a bit of luck in their lives amirite? Also, the Japanese royal family adopted the phoenix as the symbol of the imperial household. I reckon they just cared for a bit of luck as well, because being part of a royal family seems quite a lot of work, sheez!

Chicken and egg situation

The phoenix, or hōō in Japanese, is one of the most revered and holiest animals in Japan. It's the most sacred bird, and it's considered second to the kirin in terms of power, which is why it's fitting that we're first releasing this design, and afterwards our new Kirin design! Spoiler alert! So keep your eyes peeled for that one next 👀

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