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With our LEAD design it's like we took minimalism and gave it a sci-fi twist. The bold Kanji symbol in the middle that means LEAD. It's all clean lines and no fuss with its black and white look – totally minimalist and straight to the point. But then, boom! We've thrown in these neon-green katanas that look like they're straight out of a futuristic movie, adding a whole bunch of cool to the mix.

So, what we've got here is this awesome mix of old-school cool with a dash of tomorrow. It's for anyone who digs that sleek, no-mess style but also wants to rock something that catches the eye.
Size Chart Joggers II
  WAIST (cm) HIPS (cm) LEGS (cm)
S 67 103 107
M 72 108 109
L 77 113 111
XL 82 118 113
2XL 88 124 113,5
3XL 94 130 114
4XL 100 136 114,5
5XL 106 142 115